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Chemicals | Clean Energy | Food and Beverage | Industrial Machinery and Equipment |Life Sciences |Metals and Mining
Oil and Gas | Power | Pulp and Paper | Research and Development | Semiconductor | Water and Wastewater Treatment


Find out how chemical processing companies work with Swagelok to find the sampling system expertise and fluid system reliability needed to maximize safety, uptime, efficiency, and environmental compliance in their facilities.

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Chemical Plant
Transportation Industry

Clean Energy

Learn how we help alternative fuel vehicle OEMs and supporting infrastructure companies bring clean-energy vehicle technology safely to the marketplace by providing components designed specifically for their challenging applications.

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Food and Beverage

Read about how we help food and beverage manufacturers meet goals related to process accuracy, workplace safety, and high sanitation levels.

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Food and beverage industry
Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Learn about the fluid system products and services that are helping companies design, build, and maintain industrial machinery safely and efficiently across the globe.

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Life Sciences

We enable medical device, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies to keep their critical equipment operating safely, reliably, and cleanly as they manufacture products that support human wellness around the world.

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Industrial Machinery and Equipment 
Metals and mining

Metal and Mining

Discover how Swagelok products and services are helping companies mine responsibly, use safer processes, reduce fugitive emissions, incorporate new technologies, and reduce wasteful spending.

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Oil and Gas

In upstream extraction facilities and downstream refineries, and from off-shore platforms to on-shore megacomplexes, hear how we deliver the specialized support and product performance needed to keep critical fluid systems in oil and gas facilities operating effectively.

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Offshore Oil and Gas Platform 
Industrial power plant


We manufacture certified fluid system products that meet key energy industry standards and provide troubleshooting support for power plant fluid systems. Learn more about the special steps we take to help this industry reliably power an evolving world.

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Pulp and Paper

Pulp and paper mills that prioritize process excellence, personal safety, and the environment can gain operational benefits from Swagelok fluid system products and support. Find out how.

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Pulp and paper mills can gain operational benefits from Swagelok products and support
Fluid system expertise to help R&D-focused teams get their ideas to market faster

Research and Development

From national labs to universities and beyond, we apply fluid system expertise to help R&D-focused teams get their ideas to market faster.

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From high-performance atomic layer deposition (ALD) valves for chip production tools to reliable general industrial fluid system products for fabrication facilities, learn what we offer to help semiconductor fabricators and tool OEMs compete and innovate.

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Semiconductor Industry
Wastewater treatment plant

Waste and Wastewater Treatment

Find out how we support the water and wastewater treatment industry in keeping their plants operating safely and efficiently with corrosion-resistant products and tailored services.

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