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Material Science Webinar

Materials Science

Swagelok® Material Science Webinar

Webinar Dates: Tuesday, September 21 at 12:00 PM CDTThere are many important factors to consider when specifying  materials for instrumentation lines, hydraulic power, chemical  injection, deluge systems, and other equipment used in the oil and  gas and chemical refining markets. You want to select materials that will last in challenging end-use environments, but you also want to  optimize your costs. Swagelok’s materials science experts can help. 

Register for our upcoming free, 60-minute webinar led by Dr. Robert Bianco, senior materials scientist and technical lead for Swagelok’s Additive Manufacturing Program, to better understand how to choose the proper materials to keep your fluid systems leak-tight and operating efficiently. Additionally, you’ll learn how specific alloys resist corrosion, how different materials behave, and how industry standards impact your material options.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to high-performance alloys
    • Alloy terms and definitions
    • Standard composition of alloys
  • Alloy performance in corrosive environments
    • Common forms of corrosion and examples
    • Prevention methods
  • Selection of special alloy fluid system components
    • Alloy development and evolution
    • Focused applications
  • Alloys for use in specific corrosive media
    • Alloy behavior in acids and other corrosive environments