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Swagelok Kansas City | Little Rock | Omaha | Quad Cities

Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Meet Our Team

John Pendleton | President, Kansas City

John PendletonAs the president of Swagelok Kansas City | Little Rock | Omaha | Quad Cities, John Pendleton takes his role as leader of the team seriously. One of his main sources of joy comes from creating a fun working environment that allows the organization’s associates to grow and develop. He understands the need for an engaged and healthy workforce and supports both through innovative programs like reimbursing college expenses for associates and volunteer policies that allow employees to take time off to better their communities.

“We have a wonderful culture in our organization, and I like to think I play a small part in creating our culture through how I lead and how I act,” John says.

Not one to rely on the status quo, John brings vitality and an innovative spirit into everything he does – from running with the bulls in Pamplona and crossing the Arctic Circle to eagerly exploring better ways to serve our clients and their businesses.

“I’m energized by new ways of thinking,” he says. “I enjoy opportunities that, without sacrificing our values, allow us the room to experiment.”