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Brett Coombs | Director of Operations

Meet Our Team

Brett Coombs | Director of Operations and Quality Manager, Kansas City

Brett Coombs

When Brett Coombs started with Swagelok more than two decades ago, it was after spending more than a decade as a dedicated Swagelok customer. By working with the team and learning about the quality of Swagelok products and the commitment to customer service, Brett made the move from customer to sales associate and hasn’t looked back.

“Getting into the field as a salesman while learning about them and their applications was like a daily field trip in school,” he says. “It was incredibly beneficial to learn what they did or what they made and how it all impacted the world around us.”

After seven years in sales, Brett took a new role in the organization – one he still holds today. As the Director of Operations, Brett now gets to do what he loves the most – helping others in any way he can. “Ultimately, I am here to support and help provide an environment for our associates to grow and develop,” Brett says. “I am proud of our team and what they have accomplished while being personally very thankful for the opportunity to play a part in their success.”