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Regulator Assemblies

Regulator Assemblies

Regulators are used in virtually every industry, but selecting the proper regulator that meets your application requirements can be difficult. It is not always easy to understand the many variables involved in the selection process. The most common mistakes we see that can affect safety and reliability include:

  1. Incorrect Cv sizing based on flow curves
  2. Single-stage vs. two-stage regulators (Supply Pressure Effect)
  3. Improper filtration or installation
  4. Lack of pressure relief device
  5. Incorrect venting of system media
  6. Misuse of regulators to control flow


Regulator Assemblies

Swagelok Kansas City | Little Rock | Omaha | Quad Cities understands the cost and lead-time of regulators. We are finding that the majority of our customers prefer that we assist them not only in regulator selection but also with the assembly of the accessories needed for final installation. The most common types of assemblies we see are basic regulator assemblies, gas regulation panels and change-over manifolds.

  • Basic regulator assemblies are pre-assembled with accessory components such as gauges, valves and hose. 
  • Gas regulation panels are used in conjunction with other controls to reduce system pressure and deliver gas at acceptable levels for plant equipment. We also offer the option of a vinyl wrap, allowing you to enhance safety and reduce operator error. You can specify color, text, flow path direction and operator instructions.
  • Change-over manifolds are designed to provide a continuous gas delivery. As the pressure in the primary bottle decreases to a sensed pressure, sourcing will automatically switch to a secondary source.