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Hose Assembly

Hose Assembly and Testing

Because we know the hose is often the last component of your system to be considered, our in-house hose assembly work cell can quickly fabricate hoses to your custom length ensuring you never miss a step. Many hose assemblies are stocked locally in common size, length and end connection configurations which are available for immediate shipping. Hoses can be delivered in 1-2 days in most sizes and configurations and emergency orders can be available even faster.

Watch the Process


S.T.A.M.P.E.D Information
  • Size: Determine the I.D (internal diameter) and O.D (outside diameter) along with the most likely route for the hose installation to calculate the length.
  • Temperature: What are the min. and max. temperatures the hose will be exposed to with regard to the media and environment?
  • Application: Consider desired flow. Hose connection size, core tube construction and routed installation may all impact flow. What about movement? Will the hose be installed in a dynamic application? If so, this will require additional considerations.
  • Material: Identify the system media, the environment and required drainability. This will help determine the materials of construction.
  • Pressure: What are the min. and max. pressures (or vacuum) within and outside the hose assembly?
  • End Connections: What is the style, type and orientation? Clarify any space constraints. Hose assemblies with elbows and union ball joints may help resolve these issues.
  • Delivery: Do you have any special delivery requirements or specific quality, testing and packaging needs? Are any special markings required, such as tagging?

Because we do the work ourselves, we can go beyond a typical hose shop’s service levels. For example, every hose you receive from us has been tested and the documentation you receive links each hose with its local assembler. Plus, every hose assembly is backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty.