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Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Field Engineering Services

Services Tailored to You

Swagelok is more than a component provider. We are your source for everything from working safer and smarter, to designing new solutions, to improving plant maintenance.

It’s true we’re known for tube fittings—it’s also true Swagelok is known for:

Safety Above All 

Safety is the constant focus of all Swagelok associates from every component we machine, to every class we instruct, to every solution we provide.

  • Hose Essentials TrainingOur unique fitting design has been proven to minimize
    leaks and the risk of accidents
    in the harshest
    environments for decades.
  • Expert-led technical training transfers our wealth of
    knowledge to our customers; all courses have a consistent
    safety theme.
  • We bring you the advisory services and custom solutions that
    help you safeguard your operation.

Training and Education 

Build an even better workforce with Swagelok. We offer one of the most comprehensive product and safety training programs available.

Expert-led, hands-on seminars at convenient locations and times teach your workforce to:

  • Correctly prepare, install, and maintain Swagelok tube fittings
  • Minimize leaks, lower costs, and increase uptime throughout the plant

Other popular courses include:

  • Tube Bending Essentials
  • Tube Fitting Inspection Essentials
  • Hose Essentials
  • Medium- and High-Pressure Cone and Thread Essentials
  • Among many more…

Learn more about our training services

Design and Assembly Services

No one knows the inner workings and intricacies of fluid system components better than Swagelok.

We can build custom assemblies to meet specifications for many industries. You will find no higher quality or expertise anywhere.

All assemblies:

  • Use only high-quality components
  • Are built by Swagelok-certified assemblers
  • Are backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Are pressure- and/or leak-tested

From quote to delivery, we can also provide the detailed support you need, including CAD drawings, piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID), and a bill of materials.

Learn more about our design and assembly Services

Your Onsite Specialist 

Time and again, Swagelok is selected for its technical expertise. We get the right people in the field working closely with our customers to get the right results.

Each day, the local experts at our Sales and Service Centers are trusted to help you keep operations running smoothly, whether they are advising you about component selection or troubleshooting your system. And for more complex problems, Swagelok field engineers are familiar with the most demanding industries and applications.

Our dedicated team of engineers can also help with:

  • Installation training
  • Safety training
  • Life-cycle cost analysis
  • System improvements

So, bring us your biggest challenges, and we will answer them with our best solutions.

Improving Plant Maintenance 

Our expertise also extends to operational maintenance and efficiency.

Swagelok helps your plant run smoother with:

  • Swagelok Field EngineersFluid System Evaluation and Advisory Services
    Your local Sales and Service Center can conduct a detailed assessment of your plant’s fluid systems and components, document areas needing attention, and share best practices for top performance.
  • Hose Advisory Services
    A Swagelok certified advisor can visit your site and work with you to best understand your needs and goals for improving your hose systems.
  • Compressed Gas Leak Detection
    Improve efficiency in everyday plant operations by increasing reliability, reducing energy consumption, and reducing emissions due to component failures, installation errors, and incorrect product selection.

Learn more about our onsite services

Global Project Support 

Swagelok Capital Projects Company (SCPC) helps your largest projects run smoothly. A subsidiary of Swagelok Company, SCPC:

  • is dedicated to supporting new construction projects across the globe
  • Excels at bringing people together and providing seamless global support for large projects that span geographical regions
  • Brings you specialists adept at global coordination as well as valuable technical partners
  • Is there at every location and every step of the project

Low Cost of Ownership 

Swagelok fittings cost less to own:

  • Leak-tight design = less risk of costly accidents and media loss
  • Optimal reliability = lower maintenance costs and minimal downtime
  • Global experts = fast answers and efficient solutions
  • Vendor-managed inventory = reduced operating expenses
  • Training services = less installation time and lower rework costs