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Better by Design

Swagelok developed the original two-ferrule tube fitting in 1947, and with 200 active patents worldwide, we continue to improve our proprietary design for use in thousands of diverse applications:

Above all, our reputation is for reliability.

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How We Outperform

Swagelok tube fittings have a grip-type design that uses a unique "hinging and colleting” action to achieve optimal performance in three key areas: 

  • Tube Fitting DiagramTube grip—hinging and colleting action provides more direct tube contact/gripping support.
  • Gas seal—burnishing/polishing action of the front ferrule creates concentrated zones of contact on the tube and on the body bevel for a stronger seal.
  • Vibration resistance—the colleting region better isolates stress risers at the tube grip to resist bending, deflection, and vibration.

About the SAT12® Process

SAT12 is Swagelok’s unique low-temperature carburization process. It achieves a phenomenal tool-steel-like hardness and strength in the ferrule without sacrificing corrosion resistance or material ductility (is nonbrittle).

  • Enriches the surface of stainless and other metal alloys
    by diffusing carbon atoms between metal atoms without
    forming carbides
  • In use for nearly two decades 

Installation is Easy

Swagelok fittings are easy to install, and our expert training equips your workforce with the essential know-how.

  • Only standard wrenches are needed
  • No threading or flaring
  • No soldering or brazing
  • No welding
  • Significantly lower torque required compared to most other tube fitting brands

Swagelok fittings come fully assembled, and connections can be reassembled many times.

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Tested to Extremes

Swagelok performs continuous, rigorous testing on thousands of samples of production tube fittings to ensure only highly reliable components.

Our passion for Perfection:

  • We publish the most comprehensive book of tube fitting Product Test Reports (PTRs) in the industry.
  • Ongoing validation tests ensure fittings consistently meet our most stringent standards.
  • We conduct customized testing in our state-of-the-art labs to prepare Customer Test Reports (CTRs) for specific conditions and applications.

Never Intermix/Interchange Fittings

It is a poor practice to intermix/interchange tube fittings from different manufacturers. There is no industrywide commercial design standard for fittings, meaning:

  • Fitting Intermix and InterchangeEach manufacturer follows its own standards and processes
  • An intermixed/interchanged fitting is essentially a new untested design
  • The user accepts full responsibility for performance and outcome
  • Voids Swagelok’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Avoid possible performance issues, leaks, costs, and safety concerns—NEVER intermix/interchange tube fittings.

Read an independent study on Intermixing twin ferrule fittings