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Swagelok Kansas City | Little Rock | Omaha | Quad Cities

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Shipping Materials

A Stronger Supply Chain

Swagelok can support your success wherever it takes you. Our business model puts local inventory close to you:

  • Our global distribution network operates in 70 countries from 225 Sales and Service Centers, 20 manufacturing facilities, and five global tech centers.
  • Local talent runs the operation. Our people know the culture, speak the language, and understand the region.
  • Our 7,800 associates worldwide work together to provide factory support, field engineering, technical services, coordinated deliveries, inventory replenishment, and a range of special expertise.
  • With our inventory and availability, you are never far from the products you need, when you need them.
  • We are one interconnected global team.

Our Global Distribution Net

Swagelok knows that inventory, availability, and reach keep your operation and budget on point. That’s why we built our global distribution base to deliver under pressure: 

Distribution Network Infographic

Inventory and Availability

Availability is a critical part of our brand promise. We ensure our distributors have the right level of inventory for the products you need immediately:
  • Thousands of standard products in inventory
  • Over 6,800 line items shipped daily
  • 99% shipping and inventory accuracy 
We also collaborate with key customers to supply:
  • Short lead times on Assemble to Order (ATO) products
  • A robust supply of Make to Order (MTO) products
  • Engineer to Order Products (ETOP) for unique needs