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Material Difference

Material Difference

For optimal performance, Swagelok tube fittings:

What's in Your Stainless Steel?

You can be confident we know what's in ours.

Stainless Steel CompositionChromium and nickel are critical for corrosion resistance and ductility in stainless steel. Swagelok has maintained chromium content in its fittings at a minimum of 17% and nickel at a minimum of 12% for many years.

Corrosion on fitting10.1% nickel content 316 stainless steel nut from another manufacturer shows cracking after installation in a corrosive environment.


Start with a Higher Stock

We place multiple controls on procurement of 316 stainless steel from our approved mills, from its elevated alloy chemistry to the inspection steps used to validate it.

  • This material is unique to Swagelok—it cannot be purchased by anyone else.
  • Raw materials undergo extensive testing, including 100% ultrasonic analysis (identifies abnormalities) and eddy current testing (detects cracks).

Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking (CSCC) in 316 Stainless Steel

Corrosion Test ResultsCSCC occurs where chloride concentrations and stress levels are present. No stainless steel is completely immune—another reason why raw materials matter.

We have performed extensive CSCC testing* on Swagelok fittings with exceptional results:

  • Alloy 316 stainless steel nuts tested (Swagelok and eight other brands)
    • None of the Swagelok nuts cracked or leaked.
    • 39% of the other nuts cracked (at least one from each brand) and 2.7% leaked.

*PTR-4183 and PTR-4184

Alloys and Combatting Corrosion

Swagelok offers a wide range of alloys and works closely with customers to solve their needs for fittings with enhanced chemical and corrosion resistance.

  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • 6 Moly
  • Alloy 20
  • Alloy 400
  • Alloy 600
  • Alloy 625
  • Alloy 825
  • Alloy C-276
  • Alloy 2507
  • Titanium (Grade 4)

Material Selection Guide

Engineered Combinations

Swagelok can engineer a cost-efficient and corrosion-resistant solution for installations exposed to seawater.

Elevated chromium and nickel levels in our fittings mean we can offer engineered combinations as a rated alternative to full exotic alloy solutions in certain applications.

Rather than a traditional alloy-to-alloy tubing and fitting combination, Swagelok’s innovative thinking combines 316 stainless steel fittings with 6 Moly, 904L, Tungum®, and Alloy 825 tubing.