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Solving Hose Leakage

Hose Leakage ProblemThe Story

During one of our customers’ most recent outages, we were asked to look at their supply air for sonic horns on the boiler of a coal fired power unit. These hoses are outside – 60 psi – and needed to be installed to a threaded connection on the sonic horn and supply air piping. The existing setup included 1” all metal hose, with threaded connections on both ends.

The Problem

Leakage from the threaded end connections and the collars on the hose itself was causing the hoses to be in failure mode.

Hose Leakage SolutionsOur Solution

We supplied new PTFE lined hoses with Tube Adapter end connections and used tube fittings and tube adapters to tie into the sonic horns and the supply air piping. We were able to use ¾” hoses – not 1” due to the true ID of the Swagelok hoses. Tube Adapter end connections ensure a leak-tight connection with adapters securely threaded into the appropriate connection points. By using CAD software utilized by our in-house engineers, we were able to determine the correct length of hose needed and make sure the hose was able to bend in the correct planes, successfully solving this customer’s leakage issue.

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