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Equipment and Tool Rental

Equipment & Tool Rental

Equipment and Tool Rental

We offer a variety of tools to maximize your productivity. We offer dependable equipment available to rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. For your convenience we also offer onsite technical assistance, training, guidance, and support! If you would like to find out more information about any of our rental equipment below, including rates; please contact Austin Katzer.

Orbital Welding System

The Swagelok M200 Welding unit offers portability and quality.
  • Capable of welding from 1/8" through 4" O.D. Tubing
  • Variety of weld heads available
  • Lightweight, user-friendly set up
  • Thermal printer for documenting welds

Tube Benders 

Swagelok has you covered with hand, bench-top, or electric tube benders.
  • High quality bends on fractional or metric tubing
  • Decreased installation time and effort
  • Reduces potential for wrinkling or damaged tubing
  • 1 to 180 degree bending radius

Multi-head Swaging Units

Ensuring proper assembly of Swagelok tubing fittings and hoses.
  • One unit with interchangable tooling offers multi-size pre-swaging
  • Unit includes a rugged carrying case, hydraulic hose, retaining ring, pliers, safety glasses, and a user's manual

Facing Tool

Swagelok tube facing tool prepares tubing ends for consistent high quality welding.
  • Capable of facing 1/4" through 2" stainless steel tubing
  • Designed to machine flat, smooth, square, burr-free, and chamfer-free tubing