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Swagelok Essentials Training

The 8-hour Swagelok Tube Bending and Installation Training is designed to increase safety and decrease cost. Swagelok training seminars raise safety levels by increasing expertise in selecting, handling, and installing tube fittings. In addition, the seminars decrease costs by improving system reliability, thereby helping to prevent production accidents and work stoppages. The seminar emphasizes choosing correct tubing and fittings, proper handling, preparing, and bending of tubing and installing components to specifications. Each attendee will successfully complete the theoretical and practical portions of the final examination and be awarded a Certificate of Competency.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will:
Understand how to correctly assemble a Swagelok tube fitting through a variety of hands-on exercises
Properly cut and deburr tubing
Gauge a tube fitting assembly
Identify thread types and installation practices
Properly prepare threaded installations
Tube preparation - cutting and deburring
Explain the basic concepts of the theory and practice of tube bending
Practice the measure-bend method through a variety of hands-on exercises using the Swagelok hand tube bender
Demonstrate essential tube bending concepts necessary to complete quality 45, 90, 180 degree and offset bends 

Gain knowledge and understanding of: 
Tubing selection, preparation, and handling
Differences in tube fitting design
Tube fitting components and their importance to proper assembly
Leakage - and how to prevent leakage
Different thread types and installation practices
Other fittings that make the job easier

Interested in attending a Swagelok Training? We're preregistering for the 2018 course schedule. For more information, contact Austin Katzer at 913-261-7125