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Swagelok Kansas City | Little Rock | Omaha | Quad Cities

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Swagelok Tube Fitting Installation

This video demonstrates the integral steps for installing a Swagelok tube fitting.

Watch our Fittings Perform Under Extreme Conditions

Learn more about our testing by viewing the Swagelok Tube Fitting Extreme Testing video.

Swagelok® The Right Hose with the Right End Connections

At Swagelok, we offer a wide range of hose and flexible tubing products for a variety of fluid handling system needs – 22 different hose types and 89 different end connections.

Swagelok® Optimized Design - Impacting Your Bottom Line

Cheap components may lower your purchase price but often at the cost of safety, reliability, and total cost of ownership. You can lower your total overall cost without sacrificing quality with a more efficient design from Swagelok.